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Homestead / Cottage / Sturt

Add versatility to your home heating with these multi-purpose heaters and cookers. 

The Jindara Cottage is a superb addition to your kitchen or family room whatever the season.  With the versatility of stove top cooking, an oven for roasting or baking, and a firebox with a radiant heating capacity of up to 120m2.

The Jindara Homestead features the same firebox as the Jindara Riverina but is taller in size making it easier to load.  

The Jindara Sturt is known for its functionality and hardworking nature. This radiant style unit has an exceptionally deep firebox, allowing you to fit larger logs.

Standard Features

  • Hot plate for boiling/simmering
  • Oven for baking
  • Temperature gauge and easy to use controls
  • Firebrick lined
  • 8mm Steel baffle plate
  • Large wood storage box (Homestead)
  • Cooktop and raised shelf for simmering (Sturt)